• Site and landscaping Inspected – Attributes, major faults or significant maintenance, surface water flow, exposed areas
  • Subfloor Inspected – Major faults or significant maintenance, Insulation, dampness, Rot
  • Exterior Inspected – claddings, joinery, penetrations, weathertightness risk factors
  • Roof exterior Inspected – Major faults or significant maintenance
  • Roof space Inspected – Moisture testing, major faults or significant maintenance
  • Interior Inspected – Moisture testing, major faults or significant maintenance (room by room)
  • Plumbing and electrical – Outside the scope of our inspection as we are not electrical or plumbing specialists. But we will visually look for any significant defects and moisture test around major plumbing areas
  • Pests – we will look for signs of rodents, borer, birds etc
  • Health and safety – we will consider health and safety (handrails, safety glass, smoke alarms)
  • Workmanship – We will consider workmanship and acceptable tolerances (this will be considered against the age of the structure)
  • Weathertightness – We will advise of weathertightness risk. We will moisture test around risk areas and major plumbing areas. This will be non-invasive and will use non-destructive moisture meters like, the Trotec T660 or, the Protimeter Survey master.
Yes, you will revive either a PDF file to your email or a hard copy mailed to your address. You own your written report but it cannot be re-produced. Refer to our Ts &Cs
Both video and written reports will be completed within 24hours of our site visit. Site visit date is dependent on access provided by the home owner or real estate agent.

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Detatched or special use areas normally outside of the main building footprint ie: minor dwelling, detached garage, shed, pool house, common property areas in shared title or cross lease situation
A pre-purchase inspection report is a report that outlines significant defects, a properties attributes, gradual deterioration or wear and tear, significant maintenance required so purchasers can make an informed decision on any home purchase.

Provides a general scope of what a residential pre-purchase inspection should cover, reporting outlines, competency requirements and contract requirements

Please refer to our refund policy in our terms and conditions.

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