The risks of Methamphetamine

Methamphetamine has had widespread coverage over the years due to its ability to cause serious health concerns and if found, it can incur serious financial costs for removal and to reinstate the home.

In New Zealand there are set requirements for the maximum levels, testing and decontamination of methamphetamine provided by NZS 8510:2017.

Meth can be present in any home and should be considered as huge risk. When factored against the insignificant additional fee of a few hundred dollars, the possible tens or hundreds of thousands in costs is easily mitigated.

Meth testing does not form a part of a building inspection report and this should be considered when setting ‘conditions’ on any sale and purchase agreement. You must provide a condition clause of a  ‘toxicology report’ if you wish to include it as a part of your due diligence. Hppi can assist in carrying out two types of tests:

Laboratory testing for Methamphetamine:

Laboratory tests are the only way to get accurate and detailed test results. Hppi does provide these as a service, (costs below) however due to their time constraints, they are not always a viable option. Many of our customers want their reports within 24 hours.

Instant meth Tests:

Instant tests can be useful to gauge the presence of Methamphetamine. Instant tests will not provide an accurate level of contamination, and there is no tangible report provided. They will give you clarity that; ‘in the areas that were tested, no meth was detected’

With our instant Meth Tests, we run a swab in multiple rooms of the home. In the case that we detect meth, we always recommend lab testing for a detailed report.

HPPI take no liability as to the results of an instant meth test and recommend full laboratory testing for guaranteed results.

Hppi use ‘Check4Meth’ screening kits for all of our instant meth tests.

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Test With Inspection Without Inspection
Meth Test Instant verbal Meth test (MedNZ swab) Get 50% off. $80 + GST $160 + GST
Meth Test Laboratory Field meth test (up to 5 test areas) Get 50% off. $140 + GST $280 + GST
Meth Test Laboratory Field meth test (up to 10 test areas) Get 50% off. $240 + GST $480 + GST

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