After media coverage over the past few weeks it is clear further guidelines are required for homeowners or future home owners to make informed decisions about what may be required if their home or investment property provides a positive reading for Methamphetamine (‘ Meth’ or ‘P’.

Fair go has undertaken tests and found that bundles of New Zealand banknotes returned readings for ‘Meth’ and one banknote returned readings that would be in excess of three times the  MoH guidelines for a Lab clean up! There are no guidelines for ‘usage’ so we are forced to follow the far more serious contamination guidelines for the cleaning of a Meth laboratory!

The contamination caused when someone attempts to ‘bake’ or ‘cook’ drugs like methamphetamine is far more toxic, from the multiple bi-products or toxic waste they are left with, to the residues that are left from multiple chemicals and reactions. These homes are left as nothing more than a toxic wastelands!

Something needs to be done to ensure Kiwis are not stung time and time again to ensure they have a safe home for their families! and that costs are not blown out of proportion due to invalid or non appropriate guidelines!

Massey University toxicologist Dr Nick Kim-“I’d say people are justifiably concerned because of the way guidelines are commonly interpreted, or misinterpreted.”