• NZIBI affiliated inspector available on request (Banks can require this)
  • We inspect the specific unit and all accessible areas around the specific unit.
  • We do not access all areas of the building like shared areas or other units as this would come at a significant cost.
  • We inspect for significant wear and tear issues that can have high repair costs involved
  • We will consider weathertightness risk of the unit in question, and moisture test risk areas in the unit around external risk areas and internal plumbing areas.
  • It’s a great idea to have meth testing on Apartment inspections as units and apartments are often rented on short term arrangements and you never know who has been through.
  • It is important to use other sources of information like body corporate minutes to investigate past issues and future planned maintenance or repair as our inspection is limited to the specific unit.
  • If you required a weathertightness report this would need to be completed on the entire structure with huge costs involved, but our inspection can still discover costly issues and can save you time and money.
Apartment Building Ready for an Inspection Report

Auckland Apartment Builders Reports

Our reports are compiled into a useful report that is easy to understand and very informative. We check city dwellings of all shapes and sizes.

  • Body Corp Buildings
  • Single Room Apartments
  • Double Room Apartments
  • Studio Apartments
  • Units and Town Houses
Apartment Kitchen Ready for an Inspection Report

Certified Building Inspectors

“We have refined our non-invasive inspections to give you the information you need to make an informed decision on your investment and our reports encompass the New Zealand standard 4306:2005 for residential property inspections.”
Joel – Business Owner

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